Thursday, October 1, 2009

grocery list

i'm hungry and have no groceries. me and M. are going shopping today. we might take a long time, but it's nice to carpool, especially on a rainy day. we'll hit up the groç out, then the co-op, and some other places maybe.

grocs (topographical list)
1. tempeh mountain
2. extra firm tofu pyramid
3. low sodium tamari river
4. bok choy national forest
5. the kale-kegaard museum
6. dave's killer badlands
7. brown rice desert
8. salad bowl
9. broccoli peninsula
10. yellow onion mountain tops
11. garrrlic island
12. canned structures
13. soy ice cream canyon
13.5 chocolate milk creek
and other stuff.

we're off.

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