Monday, December 28, 2009

hard sleep

missing olympia and craving lil wayne cake

Thursday, December 24, 2009


TV eyes, abide

You would think a resort would mean you have a lot to do; actually it means you just have to make do with whatever's there. I've watched more television in these few days than I have in the last year (to be fair, this past year I've watched none). I tried to watch TV online. Even the short story I read involved TV. But I did make some OK pizza and am cooling some vanilla lemon flan. We also went on a walk through the snow-covered woods, which was actually quite boring and silent and maybe the nicest thing to do here exactly for those reasons.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Correspondent "E" reporting from Big White, B.C.:

A long inconsequential day of chairbound travel, through sky and air and haze. A bento at Vancouver International Airport. Our short flight from Vancouver to Kelowna was on SkyWest, and was exceedingly more comfortable than American. Kelowna, aside from its misty Northwestern brow, looks much like Dallas, or any other highway city in the US.

It turns out that single airport meal wasn't food, it was a fight; my body thought I was a boxer and seized up my abdomen; I was pummelled from the inside. So today, no skiing, just too much TV (Amazonian cuisine and the latest celebrity deaths), soda and soup.

I was actually quite pleased upon discovering this:

Tomorrow I may even go out!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

tonight i saw death and his wife
but when they turned back into trees
i think

why do men that have nothing in common with me want to date me? I read a strangers tarot today. he was in the army and likes dutch landscape paintings. he told me this after i read his cards and found out he was desperate for love and his family was miserable and his life would soon turn to chaos and a big change would occur but he might have to come close to death for it to happen.

anyway somehow this stirred something in his heart and he asked me out. (this was of course after i told him i was a surrealist, too young and raised anti military.) and i think, am i the shallow one?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is correspondent "E" reporting from the field, recently dropped fully dazed into the dry heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

My first visit to the lone star state can be typified nicely by my first breakfast here -- mostly pale and ambiguous, white with touches of brown. We ate at a local diner, called, actually, "Local Diner." Coffee was weak, hashbrowns were potato-like, eggs egg-like, bacon bacon-like, and gravy as ghostly as air. I played the jukebox, which surprisingly, actually used 45s and didn't take credit cards, while staring at quaint portraiture of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin (looking slightly mistemporaneous). It took me back to the golden old 50's...30's...something.

There is a lot of highway here. There is no terrain to speak of, making it nearly impossible to orient yourself, since the only other possible landmarks are buildings, which are either glass-walled corporate offices, malls, or chain restaurants. Driving along, I found myself emotionally identifying with businesses that included names of friends.

Empty stomachs eventually led me and my family to Denton's El Matador. I've never seen hard-shelled or rolled-up tacos in a Mexican restaurant, but apparently it's possible here. I've also never been to a thrift store where everything is security-tagged.

This is the end of my report. You'll next hear from me in the partially-tamed wilderness beyond the border, hopefully knee-deep in snow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterday this Mars resident was found in a very strange situation when a beefy social security officer asked hir out on account of hir's nice teeth. Now our blind item has "Danny's" number and a weird weird feeling.

And to everyone else: remember don't forget to buy a treat for yourself or you'll regret it later when all you want is a cookie but all you have is beans.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


1111 days til the end of the world.

i just got done playing with some synthesizers all by myself.

windy and cold day
warmer in little danang
hot and sour and full

december will be magic again.

E and I made a back drop Christmas tree will appear soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009


in class yesterday everyone had to present a short proposal for a hypothetical documentary we wanted to shoot. this one kid presented his 'participatory' documentary pitch titled I am Supervillain, or something, in which he elaborates plans to disrupt olympia by creating crimes that could be described as "national tragedies." he said, having grown up reading comics and shit, he'd want to explore the idea of creating a real-life supervillain, and seeing if a real-life superhero would arise. this whole proposal was done simply for laughs, i assume. i saw my teacher's face while he was explaining it, and she looked horrified. after he was done, and kids ended asking questions humoring his project, my professor said that he'd have to do the project again. he responded "why?" and she explained that he made a mockery of the assignment. "did you say that you would commit crimes in the scope of a 'national tragedy'? you use that term?" she said it wasn't funny, and the kid was arguing with her. it's funny because just a few weeks ago he changed his 'look.' he got a buzz cut, wears a baseball cap, green cargo pants and boots. he would write a treatment like that. i always liked him though. the room was really quiet and i didn't feel like being there. witnessing that argument gave me a bad feeling. it sort of ruined my day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Castle of Mars


In tarot the the card assigned to mars is the tower. It means means structural damage, dramatic change and the crumbling and disintegration of the past. It is the shocking tragedy that somehow sweeps you away from your tragic life. Everything is dramatic, shocking, dangerous and wonderful.

Now we all know the real MARS is a pretty chill place, however, tragedy somehow did occur I'm sure it would sound something like that.