Monday, September 28, 2009

Last night X was so high when attempting to brush her teeth she put toothpaste in her contact case. Luckily her eyes are minty fresh this morning.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

new post

we've all been very busy this week.

i tried looking for some cool segway videos, but they were all lame. this video-art is genius though. please give it a try.

i've been really into stairs lately, and that reminded me about this video i saw at the pdx film festival.

Equanimous Passage from Orland Nutt on Vimeo.

also, everyone should watch the new lazer zeppelin video on their blog. it's nice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just so everyone knows I love my new family and I'm excited to create new memories together.


Jhon [sic] Huston's Wise Blood (1979). 108 min. DVD. Based on Flannery O'Connor's novel.

Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009). 109 min.

you should come watch these with us, or some of us.

today's blind item

1. this m.a.r.s. affiliate fell asleep at the vacuum. it's a good thing we can't afford cars. chorez r hharde

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blind Item for Sunday, September 20th:

1. This neighborhood is hairier than we thought. X got barfed at by a local crusty on her way to work. The suspect was chanting "drunk punk! drunk punk!" as his projectile dribbled forth onto the driveway. Watch out for the black house on Marion.

2. No one else did anything cool today, or get drunk.

3. X went for a long bike ride and accidentally ended up in Lacey. The geography in the Puget Sound is such that if you head up hill, no matter the direction, you will eventually end up in Lacey.

Watch out for our subsidiary; SprayPaintItGold.Com
It has come to pass that what once defined analog (permanence), may hold a bit more true for digital. What we mean is that a dry erase board may be erased. So, here is our list of reasons to go to MEXICO. Additions welcome. Oh, and be sure to attend upcoming LAZERZEPPLIN fundraisers, intended to get the band to our friendly southern neighbor.

1. UFO's
2. Food
3. La Virgen
4. Cheap Kornrows
5. The Economy
6. Cheap Negra Modelo
7. Cheese
8. La Fiesta
9. Surrealist Art
10. Five Dying Pandas at the Mexico City Zoo
11. The Pharmacies
12. Mexico City
13. Oaxaca
14. Souvenirs
15. Street Food
16. Secret Pyramid Portals
17. telenovela stars
18.Ska is still cool. (so is emo)
19. Cheap dental care
20. Weird motels
21. Shrines
22. The way that women's pants look in real tight jeans
23. Mota and hongos
24. Teletubbies merch is still cheap/widely available

this week's blind items

1. Although these m.a.r.s. neighbors made a name for themselves as major sticklers when they called the cops on m.a.r.s. residents not once but twice, it seems as if this prudish behavior is just a front for their wilder swinger lifestyle. This week they were spotted dancing in front of their windows as the television flashed its gentle blue light over their 'unique', pastry-less living room. Oh my!

2. This future northeast Olympia resident has the nose of a coyote (kahy-oht). During his most recent visit he sniffed out and identified a certain 'groovy' plant growing unexpectedly in the Yew and Central area. We can only speculate who planted it.

3. When the party gets rough, the rough party --this is a popular idiom a certain m.a.r.s. resident can relate to too well. At a recent show in the downtown area, x drank too many alcoholic energy beverages and too much malt liquor, so much so that x reportedly acted "sassy" towards a well-known Olympia entrepreneur, and wanted to start a fight with its good friend/bakesman. During the following days, x made efforts to apologize to everyone offended by its behaviour. How embarrassing!

if you have any blind items you want to contribute, or if you have ethical concerns regarding this section of the blog, please let us know, as we're always interested in hearing from our readership.

vagina dance

if you take the time to watch it you should watch it through the end

Saturday, September 19, 2009

okay guys help me pick out my outfit and hairdo today
im going for something daytime/casual but that will get me noticed.
tell me what you think?


moving forward

Friday, September 18, 2009

news from the cheeze pudge fromage

last seen: string a strung across hung countless, poured out tumbled out, witnessed in wilts and slides, sweat-ballin' without moving, stomped knees, stacked bodies contemplating triangulation, and then the durms, turmpin, bendy, wham...impressive. or, tasteless, as in, without flavor, supping by foot.

who saw the silk?

how tall is tall?

how many amps, slack strings, fake-brit croon dudes does it take to make you flux out an indiscreet vertical?

and under what hazy sky?

in the end, we all went home, with how much, not much, leftovers, 88 maybes, shiny kicks, in several cars, sitting on a microwave in a messy yard.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the cdc took my baby from me

and said she was overweight

here's some pictures along with their bmi categories according to the center for disease control:

the cdc just needs to stop, collaborate and listen, and wear some hypercolour thermochromatic t-shirts.

you're not my friend if you

don't like this song

(it will astound you)

ps: you should check where THIS BAND 'phoned-it-in' from and call me back in the mornin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

an arbitrary grouping of unconnected products for purposes of instructive comparison

1) a philanthropist's work is never done, 2) the beauty of the equations is an acquired taste, caviar to the general, 3) your hopes & dreams resurfaced and refinished, 4) no sooner than I said it, it blew me off the truck, 5) the price is right, spin the wheel, 6) heads flavorfully sing but hollowly chew the tills, 7) find a new way to monetize journalists, 8) if Eskimos have N words for snow, X surely have Y words for Z.

Reasons to like Mel Gibson:


If anybody sees this chanterelle call me immediately.

What is up with Cuddle-Puddles anyways?

Matzah Pizza on cooking with UNCLE LARRY

Monday, September 14, 2009


Carl T. Dreyer's Day of Wrath (1943). 97 min.

Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus (1959). 107 min.

Luis Buñuel's Simon of the Desert (1965). 45 min.

Steven Lisberger's Tron (1982). 96 min.

Let M.A.R.S. know if you wanna watch any of these with it. Also, Scrabble players are welcome most of the time.

Sunday is for Staring and the Stars

I lost my Hair Piece if any one sees it that would be great
also I lost my drivers licence

Saturday, September 12, 2009

rock solid

Today while tether ballin' with my amigos I lost my MALAKITE NECKLACE( it is a lovely green and darker green shaped like a heart), perhaps somewhere in the fence maze or gazing at a not-so-pregnant half Nubian goat it fell off or got eaten. OH if only our donuts had not been flattened by R.'s buttocks it would have been the perfect day maybe tommorrow we'll try again!

I would never date you. You'd be like, "Whatever, Sorry I didn't call you. I was busy fighting cops." You'd be like, "If you really loved me you'd want to be polyamorous." You'd be like, "I cannot kiss you- did you eat cheese today? Haven't I talked to you recently about how animals are our equals?" You'd be like, "I love you but anarchy is more important to me." You'd be like, "You are only my shorty when I've had one-too-many forties."

Rhyme is a measure of success, it indicates the subject has man-handled its object to the point that objective and util description give way to levity and callousness.

Also, the Youth-College-Homeless-FreeBird-Cleaning Product-Tax Deductible sales lady almost got us today.