Friday, December 4, 2009


in class yesterday everyone had to present a short proposal for a hypothetical documentary we wanted to shoot. this one kid presented his 'participatory' documentary pitch titled I am Supervillain, or something, in which he elaborates plans to disrupt olympia by creating crimes that could be described as "national tragedies." he said, having grown up reading comics and shit, he'd want to explore the idea of creating a real-life supervillain, and seeing if a real-life superhero would arise. this whole proposal was done simply for laughs, i assume. i saw my teacher's face while he was explaining it, and she looked horrified. after he was done, and kids ended asking questions humoring his project, my professor said that he'd have to do the project again. he responded "why?" and she explained that he made a mockery of the assignment. "did you say that you would commit crimes in the scope of a 'national tragedy'? you use that term?" she said it wasn't funny, and the kid was arguing with her. it's funny because just a few weeks ago he changed his 'look.' he got a buzz cut, wears a baseball cap, green cargo pants and boots. he would write a treatment like that. i always liked him though. the room was really quiet and i didn't feel like being there. witnessing that argument gave me a bad feeling. it sort of ruined my day.

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