Sunday, May 16, 2010

this installation is awesome

i never saw it in real life, but when vanessa renwick came to evergreen she made it sound pretty cool. i've only seen the film that accompanies it. it's from her Portrait series that documents places in the greater "Cascadia" region. this portrait is about the House of Sound, a record store founded in 64 in a neighborhood in portland and recently torn down. the film is shot in 35mm and it looks beautiful. the imagery is pretty simple, just footage of the space where the building used to be, but the soundtrack is what makes it amazing. the sound is excerpts of a broadcast on a radio show paying homage to the record store while a saxophone plays.

the installation was meant to be set up like a 60s/70s living room, with a bunch of soul and r&b records and a turntable. anyone was allowed to play whatever records they wanted. the people at the installation space told her that sometimes people would just go into the installation and sit there for hours listening to records. there's also the original sign of the store. she had to steal it because the wrecking crew was just gonna throw it away.

i'm writing too much about this, just check this link:

anyway, this is the filmmaker that just emailed me today to say that'd she'd love to come and have a screening in tijuana. cool.

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