Sunday, September 20, 2009

It has come to pass that what once defined analog (permanence), may hold a bit more true for digital. What we mean is that a dry erase board may be erased. So, here is our list of reasons to go to MEXICO. Additions welcome. Oh, and be sure to attend upcoming LAZERZEPPLIN fundraisers, intended to get the band to our friendly southern neighbor.

1. UFO's
2. Food
3. La Virgen
4. Cheap Kornrows
5. The Economy
6. Cheap Negra Modelo
7. Cheese
8. La Fiesta
9. Surrealist Art
10. Five Dying Pandas at the Mexico City Zoo
11. The Pharmacies
12. Mexico City
13. Oaxaca
14. Souvenirs
15. Street Food
16. Secret Pyramid Portals
17. telenovela stars
18.Ska is still cool. (so is emo)
19. Cheap dental care
20. Weird motels
21. Shrines
22. The way that women's pants look in real tight jeans
23. Mota and hongos
24. Teletubbies merch is still cheap/widely available


  1. Really? Analog = permanence? More like continuous, like the version of the list rendered above has already gone through a dozen permutations since. This list never existed, it was always in our heads.

    So this blog will be here "forever," which is to mean trackbacked and archived, entrusted to the Google Godz. Safe. Infallible. Forever On. Let's just not kid ourselves. Digital is not the genuine article. Electron orientation is not permanent. This blog will end. Mexico will not.