Saturday, September 12, 2009

rock solid

Today while tether ballin' with my amigos I lost my MALAKITE NECKLACE( it is a lovely green and darker green shaped like a heart), perhaps somewhere in the fence maze or gazing at a not-so-pregnant half Nubian goat it fell off or got eaten. OH if only our donuts had not been flattened by R.'s buttocks it would have been the perfect day maybe tommorrow we'll try again!

I would never date you. You'd be like, "Whatever, Sorry I didn't call you. I was busy fighting cops." You'd be like, "If you really loved me you'd want to be polyamorous." You'd be like, "I cannot kiss you- did you eat cheese today? Haven't I talked to you recently about how animals are our equals?" You'd be like, "I love you but anarchy is more important to me." You'd be like, "You are only my shorty when I've had one-too-many forties."

Rhyme is a measure of success, it indicates the subject has man-handled its object to the point that objective and util description give way to levity and callousness.

Also, the Youth-College-Homeless-FreeBird-Cleaning Product-Tax Deductible sales lady almost got us today.

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