Sunday, September 20, 2009

this week's blind items

1. Although these m.a.r.s. neighbors made a name for themselves as major sticklers when they called the cops on m.a.r.s. residents not once but twice, it seems as if this prudish behavior is just a front for their wilder swinger lifestyle. This week they were spotted dancing in front of their windows as the television flashed its gentle blue light over their 'unique', pastry-less living room. Oh my!

2. This future northeast Olympia resident has the nose of a coyote (kahy-oht). During his most recent visit he sniffed out and identified a certain 'groovy' plant growing unexpectedly in the Yew and Central area. We can only speculate who planted it.

3. When the party gets rough, the rough party --this is a popular idiom a certain m.a.r.s. resident can relate to too well. At a recent show in the downtown area, x drank too many alcoholic energy beverages and too much malt liquor, so much so that x reportedly acted "sassy" towards a well-known Olympia entrepreneur, and wanted to start a fight with its good friend/bakesman. During the following days, x made efforts to apologize to everyone offended by its behaviour. How embarrassing!

if you have any blind items you want to contribute, or if you have ethical concerns regarding this section of the blog, please let us know, as we're always interested in hearing from our readership.

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